About Me

Marcia Pledger LLC is my freelance writing business where I provide services as a copywriter, ghostwriter, and blogger for other businesses. I write blog posts, website copy, press releases, social media posts, and other content for digital marketing.
Whether you want to shape thoughts, persuade your audience, develop a brand or sell your product, you need impactful and tailored content. That’s why translating complex concepts into understandable “sound bites” and actionable strategies is key.
As a business journalist, with experience covering topics ranging from entrepreneurs and cannabis to technology and manufacturing, I work on multimedia platforms.

What I’ve learned from meeting so many company leaders is that words matter, whether they’re trying to influence a team, persuade an individual, or most importantly sell.

I especially enjoy sharing stories of “reinvention” – either online, in print or with organizations.

What drives a person or company to make a drastic change that led to success?

Why reinvent the wheel – or dwell on setbacks: I say, appreciate the past, but find ways to make improvements. As the author of a book and 10-year-old column, called “My Biggest Mistake…And How I Fixed It,” I’m always learning from leaders of small and large companies, and I’m passionate about the correlation between business etiquette and success in a digital age.

As a journalist who enjoys sharing the human experience in business, I also share transformative business strategies with business groups, women’s organizations, colleges and universities. My takeaway so far: Mistakes can be a gift, when you learn from them and grow.

My book, “My Biggest Mistake…and How I Fixed It: Lessons from the Entrepreneurial Front Lines,” covers the experiences of small business owners. As a columnist for the Plain Dealer for the last decade, I told the stories of more than 450 entrepreneurs: setbacks and comebacks.
Working as a Money Magazine correspondent for nearly two decades, I learned that getting people to share information about personal finances is a challenge, that’s even more difficult than sharing how small businesses overcome issues

I’m a former regional director of the National Association of Black Journalists and founder of the Las Vegas chapter. I’ve covered public companies, stocks, marketing, the workplace, and wrote a business etiquette blog until I took a mid-career sabbatical at the University of Michigan in 2014. My next chapter: Playing a role in educating people about the fast-growing marijuana industry with content and expos.

Another side of me:

Passionate about the correlation between business etiquette and success in a digital age+ swimmer + speaker +world traveler +mother +  photographer and golfer

Work Includes:
The Plain Dealer, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Money Magazine, AARP,  ghostwriting books, and creating content for businesses

University of Missouri, Columbia
University of Michigan – Knight Wallace Fellow