"My Biggest Mistake...And How I Fixed It: Lessons from the Entrepreneurial Frontlines"

My Biggest Mistake

A rare look into the pitfalls of small business owners... For many entrepreneurs, adversity is just a stepping stone towards change and success.
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Business Etiquette

In business, expertise counts. But manners matter too. Innocent mistakes can get in the way of you getting ahead. Treating colleagues, customers and clients with respect plays a huge role in sealing deals.
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"Over my 25 year journalism career, I've had an advantageous look into the heartbeat of business. Entrepreneurs play a significant role in our economy, and relationships are a major factor in business creation and sustainability.

Business etiquette helps individuals survive and thrive in today's marketplace. If your business social skills are subpar, profits and credibility will suffer - plain and simple." Marcia Pledger